You can use Custom skins on any item by typing /skins into chat, and then dragging the item from your inventory into the top left hand corner of the new Inventory area on the right.

After doing this, click and drag the desired skin back into your inventory. You will now have the skinned item.

  • Type /skins into chat
  • Click and drag the item you want to skin into the top left hand slot in the Inventory Box open on the right.
  • Click and drag from the right the skinned item you would like back into your inventory
  • Done!

Alternatively, you can also bind this command to the n key:

  • Type F1, and go to the bottom console input box
  • Type: bind n chat.say “/skins”\ and then press enter
  • Type: global.writecfg and then press enter

Enjoy your new and unique look!

A few notes:

  • Skins are based upon all the inbuilt Rust skins, and also the top trending Skins in the past 14 days. This means that after the server reset each morning at 5am new skins will be loaded for each item to give you an ever fresh range.
  • If you would like a skin that isn’t listed in the Skins menu, you can link it to us manually by sending it to an Admin via our Discord. This is an easy thing to do so feel free to send a direct Steam link and we can add it for you! We will need the link, as this is how we add it 🙂