Watch the above Video to see Triggered Explosives in Action!

Triggered Explosives is a unique VIP ability to detonate all your Triggered Explosives at your time of choosing, resulting in a big boom!

To manage your Triggered explosives, type /te into chat. You have the following options:

  • /te toggle – Toggle Triggered Explosives on/off
  • /te set XXXX – Set the frequency that your explosives listen on (number between 1111-9999). This is so you can use the RF transmitter for other purposes and not necessarily have to blow up your explosives.

To setup and use your Triggered Explosives (see video above for demonstration):

  1. Use /te toggle to set your Triggered Explosives mode to ON/OFF.
  2. Use /te set XXXX to set the listening frequency of your explosives (number between 1111-9999).
  3. Craft a RF Transmitter, and with the transmitter equipped hold right click and set the frequency of the transmitter to match that of the explosives in Step 2.
  4. Deploy your C4/Timed explosives as you normally would.
  5. Equip your RF transmitter and left click for boom!