Watch the above Video to see Triggered Explosives in Action!

Triggered Explosives allows you to choose whether to deplay and detonate your C4 Timed Explosives either as a Timed Explosive or via a manual trigger.

To create a trigger, type into chat: /triggercraft

To bind this to the < key, press F1 and then in console type:

  • bind < chat.say “/triggercraft”\ and then press enter
  • global.writecfg and then press enter

This requires 2 Tech Trash and 50 HQM to craft. Once you had done this you will have the following triggers:

Timed Trigger (Blue) vs. Triggerable Manual Trigger (Red)

Once you have crafted your Trigger, with it equipped press RIGHT CLICK to swap between modes

Simply set the mode to how you want, with Blue being normal timed behavior and Red being a manual trigger.

Once you have finished placing your C4 simply LEFT CLICK TO DETONATE!

NOTE: To allow people in the base to still know that C4 has been thrown, the C4 will still beep continuously.