There are 2 tiers of Fire-Arrows currently:

  • Fire Arrow – standard fire arrows. Need Cloth and Low grade fuel.
  • Fire Ball Arrow – better fire DOT arrow Need Cloth, Fuel and Crude oil. (Needs Complete VIP)

How to Toggle Arrows:
After Keybind- Press the mouse wheel down while holding a Bow, and each toggle will move to next tier.

TO EASILY CREATE THIS BIND, type F1 and in your console box type: ‘bind mouse2 firearrow and press enter. 

After this then type ‘global.writecfg‘ and again press enter.

Originally the Server could attach these keybinds on your behalf, but due to a Rust update players must now bind these comes (just one time!) by themselves.

Commands Chat: /firearrow
Or.. You can type /firearrow in chat. This will also toggle arrow tiers if you are holding a bow or crossbow.

A fire arrow icon appears at bottom left when its enabled, and goes away when normal arrows are selected.