From the team at YGWP, thank you!

It's with great sorrow that we must make the announcement that as of the 3rd November 2022, [YGWP] Gaming will be closing for business. After close to 7 years in operation, serving thousands of players and (hopefully) creating many priceless memories for those who have joined our community, we've made the difficult decision that [YGWP] will be shutting down.

The entire staff team would like to thank the many, many quality and amazing people who have called our community home and for all the fun you've had with us. We value every single one of you and we're so glad that you have joined and supported our community. To our VIPs and MVPs, you have made it all possible and kept us online and we are forever grateful -- you're all amazing, amazing people. We hope that we've been able to give back to you in the same manner that you have been so generous to us.

This decision is a regrettable result of a change in life circumstances for the Admins, as well as a drop in financial support which made the decision that it is now time to pass on the baton to someone else. There are lots of many high quality servers and communities out there, and we hope that you will find one that is just as comparable.

We would love to hang out and process this news with you, so please come join us in the [YGWP] Discord in the #closing-down channel if you want to chat it over with us or leave a message.

Once again, we are so grateful that you've chosen to be apart of the [YGWP]'s community and we wish you all the best in the future. Thank you, and good luck!

-- With love from the [YGWP] Team ❤️