Triggered ExplosivesReskin every Item!

Here is a set of instructions on how to use your VIP privileges! More will be added all the time, be sure to check back often 🙂

  • 0-second TP/Plugin cooldown (usual is 5-10 minutes) – Immediately active!
  • Unlimited Skins from Steam – Get access to every Rust skin on demand, and even reskin already crafted items with the top Tending Skins! – How to use/Video
  • Saved Inventories & Reskinning – Please see instructions with /sets command
  • /sil – Print jpeg Images onto any sign you want! – How to use
  • 5x Daily-Heli callouts! – call them all by yourself onto yourself!How to use
  • Self Trigger C4/Explosives! – Craft the VIP Trigger, and choose to use Timed Explosives or Triggerable explosives! –How to use/Video
  • Backpacks! – An extra 12 inventory slots to store all your overflowing inventory items! – How to use
  • Unlootable body – No-one can loot your stuff while you sleep!- Immediately active!
  • Fire Arrows – You can shoot /firearrows AND Fireball bombs!How to use/Video, see also kit below
  • Automatic Locks! – Automatically deploy and instantly reset the codes on all your main and guest locks remotely with /autolock and /code! – How to use
  • Start Ingame events! – Use the /newevent command!
  • Call your noble steed (horse)! – Be your own cowboy with the /spawnhorse command!
  • Exclusive VIP kits – Contains a variety of items, weapons and Ammo! (Server specific) – Use /kit  and select the ‘VIP’ and ‘FireArrows’ kits
  • An exclusive Respected member [VIP★★] chat tag – Immediately active!
  • An exclusive Discord Role – Use !steam in our  Discord to gain your role!
  • Cleanup Bot Immunity – Be excluded by our bot that cleans up old buildings every 5 days! – Immediately active!
  • Items will be crafted with random skins! – These are the paid skins from Steam! – Immediately active!

Please note: to use VIP key shortcuts (instead of Chat commands) you need to follow these steps once:

  • This only needs to be performed once due to Rust disabling remote keybind setting.
  • Press F1, and type into the console input box at the bottom the following:
  • bind b – VIP Backpacks
  • bind mouse2 firearrow – VIP Fire Arrows
  • bind n chat.say “/skins”\ – VIP Skins
  • bind < chat.say “/triggercraft”\ – VIP Triggered Explosives
  • graphics.branding false – Disables the annoying green Rust alpha banner
  • writecfgVERY IMPORTANT To save all the binds you must run this command to save them.

Check back often, we add new privileges all the time! 🙂