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ALL SERVERS are now wiped!

The first version of our cult classic Hapis map is live on Staging branch for feedback & testing!

-Listed under Community tab on staging client.
-Keeping it small for now, resources are limited.
-Use F7 to bug report/feedback.

🏔Mount Everust awaits!🏔

The use of third party applications (unless stated otherwise) to gain an unfair advantage (cheat) is strictly prohibited. For clarity, this extends to third party use of "filters" to gain an unfair advantage (cheat!) during night periods.

VAPENATION are now wiped!

Twitch drops are now live!
Get started at

Above-ground Trains Update is now LIVE on all Servers, meaning brand new features and a fresh map wipe are here! Head to our Discord to checkout the latest features!

This month we bring you above-ground trains and tweaks to the ziplines along with more fixes and improvements.

Huge congratulations to Reddit PlayRust & Rust Arcade teams for raising $22,020.11 in aid for AIM, Youth Mental Health!