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Twitch drops are now enabled for all Rust streamers!

More information at

More Twitch drops are available!
Available from @JuanSGuarnizo @REALMizkif @LMDShow @MoistCr1TiKaL @Sodapoppintv @aLexBY11 @Rubiu5 @aroiagarcia

More information at

¡Ave, César, los que van a combatir te saludan!

Hoy desde las 20:00 CET se viene la locura con el evento de gladiadores de EGOLAND ⚔️

ADEMÁS, el equipo de @playRust está regalando drops con diseños exclusivos de @aLexBY11, @Rubiu5, @aroiagarcia y @LMDshow

Cómo conseguirlos 👇

We're teaming up with @PlayRust to give away $5,000 in search of the best Rust gameplay, shenanigans, and mayhem.

To enter, clip Rust with Medal and include #Rust5k in the title for your shot at the cash💸💸💸

Full details:
Deadline: Feb 15th

This is some top-class roleplaying between @Thrilliamneff and @imaSpaceboy here. The Rust police debate the Church of the Blood God over Rust Vegas, justice and religion -


We've worked with @Twitch to address the issue with claiming the Lilypichu jacket drop.

If your watchtime requirements are met please tune back into her stream for just a few minutes and it should become claimable for you.

Sorry for that Lily!