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The @Rustafied Charitable Rust event is live in aid of @charitywater

Check out the stream!

INFINITY-IS is back up! Rejoin with the console command `connect` or search for it by name! Thanks for your patience.

INFINITY-US is currently down due to hardware upgrades and an IP change. Watch this space for updates, and search INFINITY-US to find the server when it's back up!

ALL SERVERS are now wiped!

ALL SERVERS are due to wipe in the next 24hrs! Make sure to enjoy the brand new and cleaned up map, and don't forget to get explosive and take advantage of the Wipe party!

Track the Wipe-countdown live at:

Community Update 207 -

Some changes today:
- Majorly upped loots on Battlefield Servers
- Fixed Chat tags showing up in incorrect orders, sorry if your VIP tag was missing!
- Fixed up Top Player and Top Clan tags. Enjoy everyone!
- Some performance updates

CHICAGO_ARKHAM and INFINITY-US are now online! Thanks for bearing with us during this time.