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The Rust event is now live for Dying Light on console!

ALL SERVERS are now wiped!


Rust+ now has @IFTTT integration so you can order a pizza to your house directly from your base loot room or automatically let all your twitter followers know your base is being raided!
What will your THIS and THAT be ?

Contacts is now LIVE on all Servers, meaning brand new features and a fresh map wipe are here! Head to our Discord to checkout the latest features!

This month brings the new contact system, a complete AI rework along with updated animal models and Rust+ IFTTT integration.

Thinking of grabbing a Secretlab Rust edition chair? @secretlabchairs are running a mid-year sale! Get yours here:

Latest Community Update is live!!

Custom Map Contest, Live Action Rust, Crane fights, and more!

Go check it out 🙌