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VAPENATION are now wiped!

This Friday we'll be releasing a mandatory update at 19:00 GMT / 14:00 EST to enable this year's lunar new year's items.

Did you know it's the year of the Tiger?

ALL SERVERS are now wiped!

We're pleased to announce the #Rustmas2021 winners! 🌟

Winner: @cdnaudiophile (£75 skin reward)
Runner up: @bigfatdogs (£50 skin reward)
Honorable mention: @RPBebina

Watch for some communications from us soon. Get your skin wishlist ready!

Submission links blow.

Hola! It's the final 24 hours of Rust Twitch drops supporting Egoland 2!

Claim them all now by watching for 3 hours.

VAPENATION are now wiped!

We welcome the streamers of Egoland back to Rust with another round of Twitch Drops! Get started at

Onwards and Upwards is now LIVE on all Servers, meaning brand new features and a fresh map wipe are here! Head to our Discord to checkout the latest features!