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The @Streamerland_es x #Rust Tournament kicks off October 6th!

@Twitch Drops will be live! 😎

Get connected at to be ready!

We're currently aware players are experiencing difficulties connecting to servers, the issue will be rectified ASAP.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Collect vood 🌲

ALL SERVERS are now wiped!

Limited edition custom deskmats from your favorite creators via @epicdeskshop!

We hear they help you graduate from grub to chad.

Hurry, time's ticking!

We have identified a large false positive ban wave. The anti-cheat team (EAC) are investigating and will be reverting any false bans found as soon as possible.

Our apologies if you're affected by this error.

We have just released a mandatory update to address a third-party backend system update.

Both server and game client are required to be updated to reconnect.

No gameplay was changed.

Take advantage of Black Friday sale prices NOW!

@secretlabchairs is running promotions for US-based customers to get discounts before the rush!

This includes the #Secretlab Omega 2020 #Rust Edition.

Check it out!