Server FAQ

Here is the beginning of some FAQ’s about the server that will be expanded as time goes on:

When do you Wipe/Update?

All YGWP servers are wiped on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month (due to forced Wipe at the start of each month). Ultrinox-AU and Vapenation are the exception to this rule, which will wipe weekly. To be absolutely certain, check the description of the Server before joining. Server updates rely on Facepunch to first release the update (which is often delayed) so these times are subject to change.

► For live information, visit our Live Wipe Countdown.

Server wipes occur at the following times according to each Servers wipe schedule:

  • Australia – Friday @ 7AM
  • Los Angeles – Thursday @ 2PM
  • New York – Thursday @ 5PM
  • Chicago – Thursday @ 4PM
  • UTC (+0) –  Thursday @ 9PM

Devblog Updates occur according to the Rust Developers discretion, but usually occur within +/- 4 hours of the above times.

When is the Wipe-Party?

The Wipe Party means a boatload of free-items/C4, crazy building stability & general pre-wipe craziness!

To join, the Wipe Party will be consistently at these times:

  • US Servers | 2:30AM UTC (+0) or 10:30PM EDT
  • AUS Servers | 10:30AM UTC (+0) or 8:30PM AEST

Why are your key shortcuts not working?

Due to a recent Rust change, Servers can no longer set binds on behalf of a player. You can manually restore your binds though using the commands below. To set them, press F1 and at the bottom in the console entry box type:

  • bind k UI_ToggleKitMenu - Kit menu
  • bind b - VIP Backpacks
  • bind mouse2 firearrow - VIP Fire Arrows
  • bind n chat.say "/skins"\ - VIP Skins
  • bind > chat.say "/triggercraft"\ - VIP Triggered Explosives
  • global.writecfg - VERY IMPORTANT: To save all the binds you must run the following command to save them.

Please note that binds for anti-cheat purposes are revealed to the server, so abuse of various binds could result in a ban if used inappropriately inline with our abuse policy. We are revealing these to you to aid in your gameplay, please use them responsibly and we hope this helps!

Why can’t I TP to/add to Clan/trade with this person? It says there’s multiple people?

Try putting their name in quotation marks like:
/clan add “Johnny Smith”

To add them correctly. Without the quotation marks, the command will just run a lookup on the first word you put in, ie. ‘Johnny’.

Can I try VIP++ for a day?

Yes you can! Simply type /redeem needdatvip into Chat to redeem your VIP for 24hrs.

We use VIP to maintain and upgrade server hardware and connections, and with server upgrades coming up for all servers this will be put towards better more powerful hardware to ensure a smoother experience. If interested head to to become a VIP after your trial :smiley:

Why do I see so much about VIP?

We don’t have any outside backing. VIP is how we cover 100% of our costs, so we’re appreciative of all players who decide to support us and become a VIP 🙂

What’s the meaning of all the tags like Deadshot and Undertaker?

These people are at the top of the leaderboard (accessible with /pc) in their respective category. Each category has a different tag.

What are Coins for?

You earn coins from Animal Kills, Player Kills, Events and Quests. You can spend these in exchange for items in the /shop! You can also check your Coin balance with /balance. Coins are reset at the start of each month with the forced Wipe (the first Friday of every month).

Why is __x__ broken?

Chances are we might not be aware! Please let us know in our Discord our by sending us an email.

What does yougiftweplay stand for? Where did it come from?

The name yougiftweplay came from where we started out as a YouTube channel, whereby people could gift random (we aimed for cheap) games and the Admins would review them. The name stuck and we used it for our servers, and once people started recognising YGWP it became too late to change!

How can I apply to be a CM (Community Manager) or Staff?

You can apply to be a CM via our application page here. Please note that we look at Applications as the need arises on a server, but we are always recruiting and looking for great people!