We aim for our servers to be a fun and friendly place. As such we have the following rules:

Cheating is strictly prohibited.

Don’t cheat, it makes the Admins grumpy since we have to follow you before your eventual ban, so just don’t do it 🙂

Respect all players. Player abuse/excessive trolling is not tolerated.

Good natured banter is fine,and so is expressing anger (raids suck!), but repeated personal attacks/trolling against another player is not acceptable.

No racism.

Don’t be Racist.

No repetitive targeting or bullying of other players.

This would qualify as intentionally targeting a specific player for an extended period of time, in an effort to potentially taunt of grieve a player. This would only count if this kept occurring over an extended period of time, and was obviously intentional.

English only in Chat

Cela aide toute la communauté à pouvoir participer. Nous voulons que chacun puisse se parler.

ie. This helps the entire community be able to join in. We want everyone to be able to talk to each other.

Avoid spam in chat.

Don’t spam spam spam spam spam spam spam chat.

Play fair and don’t abuse bugs/exploits.

Please don’t abuse Rust glitches/server bugs. In an effort to maintain fairness please report these to the Admins. This includes Campfire spams around bases – they will be removed and possibly even your base with it.

No performance reducing techniques/Bases.

No spamming of items (ie. Campfires) or massive structures that lower Game FPS in a certain area. This can serve as an area denial method. This will result in a removal of your base, a warning and the subsequent removal of all performance reducing items/structures.

No Explicit Images on Signs, either using /sil or drawn.

They will be removed, and owners will be contacted and notified. We don’t want those type of signs in the server to keep it clean and friendly. All signs are tracked, warnings will be given, and all signs from a specific user will be cleaned by our Bot.

No Server Staff/Owners.

We do not allow other Server Owners/Staff to join our Servers.