YGWP Gaming Community

The beginning:

[YGWP] yougiftweplay was created by users irusü andTheBlackShaft, who wanted to create game reviews based on games that the community wanted to see. Thus any game that was gifted would have to be reviewed, and a YouTube Channel was born!

  • Our mission: Fun must be at the core of everything.

    YGWP Staff and Team

Our Rust journey:

Since creating these videos, YGWP has gone on to create a variety of game servers including our ever popular Rust [YGWP] Servers. We created our Servers after getting sick of the grind and not being able to find a server built with the quality we wanted. Not finding any we liked, in frustration we began to create our own highly customised and dedicated servers under the [YGWP] banner.

We wanted our Servers to be as fun and enjoyable as possible.

You can find details of these servers here if you would like to join! We look forward to players enjoying the best that our servers have to offer.

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To contact Staff or the Admins, please contact us here for any enquiries.